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 Here are some amazing midnight manicures that will keep you looking and feeling confident all year long. Although these seem to be most common during the winter, they are actually great no matter what season you live in.

Navy blue nail designs can look sophisticated and the versatility of these nails is amazing.

Glitter Midnight blue Nails

First up these nails are an amazing alleviation for you. The accentuation nails help to draw attention to the eyes.

Coffin Shape Dark Blue Nails

Step up your game with these long pall shape nails in amazing art. This manicure has three different aesthetics keep you smiling.

Elegant Matte Midnight Blue Nails

Are you looking for a simple nail art design? This will go with anything you choose to wear. Not every nail design needs flashy nail art, this is an example.

Cute Stary Dark Blue Nails Design

I love these short nail art as they aren't only good for everyday nails but for fancy events. The dark blue polish can be used on your natural or blue acrylic nails.

Flowers Dark Blue Nail Designs

Then a femine design you can wear to certain special events similar as marriage, scale and other formal form. I love the placing of the globules and plums.

Short Matte Nails

Starting with a matte blue polish, each nail art carries a special design. You can have something special on each nail for its personality. This kind of nail art trend is popular these days.